Why do you need a professional photographer – Truths and Myths.

(This also applies to general photography, be it corporate, family shoots, food photography etc.)

Other than your soulmate, there is no-one you will spend more time with on  your wedding day, capturing your special moments than your photographer! Make sure it’s someone you can have fun with – this is something every bride should understand.

Why should you not ask your Uncle Ernie or Aunt Norah who after all have  ‘really nice cameras’ to do your wedding photography?

There are a number of reasons! Professional photographers have invested countless hours studying and passing photography exams, as well as hundreds of thousands of rand in equipment, to be just that… A Professional.

A professional who has the ability to capture the most special moments – a tear on your cheek, a stolen glimpse at your loved one – and most of all, he or she knows their equipment back to front, inside out, and knows all too well that there is only one take, and it has to be on the button. 

Your wedding memories are after all only in two places… In your mind, and in your photographs, and it’s important to get them both right.

Some pointers to look out for when choosing your Wedding Photographer – 

If time is on your side, meet with all your prospective photographers.

It is important for both photographer and yourself to understand how you are going to get along. The best photographer on the planet with a bad attitude, no matter the price, will add unnecessary stress to your special day.

Any photographer worth his salt will not charge for the interview.

Ask to see his or her portfolio and have a look at their web site; don’t be afraid to ask for references, and by all means check them out.

Make sure you sign a contract that spells out all the details and prevents any misunderstandings.

At the end of the day, like all things in life you get what you pay for, after all the photographer needs to stay in business, and after the cost of the venue, food and drinks, your photographer’s charges should be next.

When the “party” is over, the real work for your photographer begins, editing hundreds of photos, rectifying blemishes, arranging albums, coffee table books, web links, DVD’s etc.

And most importantly – love your photographer!

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