Justin and Lorinda Scott of Fabmags started a campaign to determine who was the Best of the Best in Ballito. “What was Best of the Best Ballito? Well, it’s a project to get all of you to nominate and vote for your Best of the Best in ten award winning categories! We’re doing it because we want to celebrate the best out there, tell people about them and celebrate service excellence.”  The 2015 awards ceremony was held at the Fairmont in Zimbali.  Bowditch Photography was honoured to be a sponsor.
The Scott family need to take a bow for having had a vision and a dream some eight or so years ago and for having the tenacity to follow through with that dream, creating Fab Mags and The Ballito. Your team inspires and embraces all who live in this part of heaven and I know I speak for many, when I say we salute you.
Tonight was very special, congrats to all the winners, and blow me over with a feather, I received a recognition award for “extra ordinary contribution to the community through acts of kindness, service, and exemplary attitude” for which I’m humbled and at the same time, thank my wife and our team. ‪#‎bowditchphotography‬.  For more details on the winners click here

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